User Experience Project

To evaluate and improve South Dakota State University's Library website using user experience. In particular, I evaluated the goal of finding previous Senior Art and Design Exhibition proportionals through the archives.

  1. Conducted user testing interviews of the goal in order to determine what is and is not working on the site. (See results in task diagram and the first storyboard).
  2. Created a storyboard and paper prototypes on how the website could be improved.
  3. User tested the paper prototypes.
  4. Created a high fidelity prototype.

This project significantly helped the library web team know what changes to make to the site. In addition, our research enabled them to provide evidence as to why certain changes need to be made.

Next Project

Task Analysis
Task Analysis
Current Use Storyboard
Story Boards (Above: Current Use Below: Future Use)
Future Use Storyboard User testing with a paper prototype,
User Testing with Paper Prototypes
High-fidelity prototype mockup
High-fidelity Prototype Mockups
High-fidelity prototype mockup